Budget Group has a wide range of products for builders, cladders, renderers and painters. From general purpose duct and cloth (gaffer) tape through to plastic centerfold, foam backing rods, construction adhesives & sealants and protection tape, Budget has the product for virtually any application.


Budget Group specialises in Tenacious VHP (Very High Performance), tesa® ACXplus and also stock 3M's range of VHBs™ (Very High Bond) for installing aluminium composite panel without the need for rivets or silicon. These tapes are available in a variety of widths, thicknesses and in grey, black, white or clear. Budget Group also stocks a range of surface preparation products such as adhesive cleaners, scourers and lint free cloth.

Render and Paint

We distribute the blue Tenacious RenderMask 14 day UV resistant render cloth tape to building supply companies for the render industry. This product is the proven industry standard, providing high tack to brick and window frames and clean removal with no residue. We also stock a number of indoor/outdoor masking tapes for all applications, as well as PE protection film and plastic centerfold.

Construction Adhesives & Sealants

Budget Group carries a wide range of Loctite™ and Osi™ brand heavy duty construction adhesive and silicone glazing sealant. Available in both standard 295ml tubes and 828ml jumbos, Budget Group has a sealant for any application. Loctite™ is a brand used worldwide and is renowned for its superior holding ability and adaptability to almost any substrate.